Coronavirus Australia live update: Victoria records 55 new cases and eight deaths as NSW reports nine cases

NSW and Queensland try to stem clusters as more than 100 health workers at two Sydney hospitals and 200 staff at Ipswich hospital are in isolation. Follow live

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Former Australian foreign minister, Alexander Downer, has given his thoughts on the appointment, if that’s the right word, of former Australian prime minister Tony Abbott to advise the UK government on trade. Downer is also based in the UK, where he is the former Australian high commissioner.

He said that the reaction in the UK to Abbott’s appointment had split along partisan lines – the left don’t like him, the right do. As it ever was.

He’s a conservative. A lot of people are conservatives. Millions and millions of people are conservatives! They do have a place in our society. And trying to marginalise anybody who has conservative views about marriage or conservative views about society in general, trying to marginalise them, it alienates people… And in the end it will create more of a reaction than a successful outcome I’m afraid.

So the British Government – and I’ve spoken with them about it – they’ve hunkered down behind Tony Abbott and they’re sticking with him.

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Victoria’s health department was relying on a pen-and-paper inputs and in some cases using fax machines – yes, fax machines – to receive information from general practitioners for contact tracing purposes.

Today, the premier, Daniel Andrews, announced that the Victorian government had asked tech giant Salesforce to create a digitised system that would cover the contact tracing process from test result to initial interview, as well as case management and speaking to close contacts.

The Salesforce product … is about trying to consolidate and align many different platforms into one platform. That is happening now and just means that there is less pen and paper, there is less manual data entry.

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