Coronavirus live news: South America is now pandemic's epicentre, says WHO

Madrid and Barcelona to ease lockdown as Spain’s death toll stays under 100 again; 660,000 people forced to flee homes during crisis despite UN global ceasefire call

7.50pm BST

Chile’s president Sebastian Piñera has kicked off a programme to provide support for families struggling during the pandemic.

About 2.5m packages of food and hygiene products will be distributed over the weekend to families in Santiago before the scheme expands to other parts of the country. Piñera said:

It is a support and relief for millions and millions of Chilean families who need urgent help.

7.36pm BST

A Berlin church is hosting Muslims who are unable to fit into their mosque for Friday prayers because of social distancing guidelines, Reuters reports.

The Dar Assalam mosque in the Neukölln district normally welcomes hundreds of Muslims to its Friday services. But it can currently only accommodate 50 people at a time under Germany’s restrictions.

It was a strange feeling because of the musical instruments, the pictures. But, when you look, when you forget the small details. This is the House of God in the end.

I took part in the prayer. I gave a speech in German. And during prayer, I could only say yes, yes, yes, because we have the same concerns and we want to learn from you. And it is beautiful to feel that way about each other.

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