Coronavirus live news: Trump says he 'perhaps' misled Americans as global deaths pass 900,000

Trump ‘played down’ threat because he ‘didn’t want to create panic’; France sees second highest one-day case total

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The Japan Sumo Association said on Thursday that a major tournament due to start in Tokyo on Sunday would go ahead as planned after 19 wrestlers from the same stable tested positive for Covid-19.

All 27 rikishi belonging to the Tamanoi stable, as well as their stablemaster, will sit out the tournament. The association imposed measures to prevent transmission between stables – where wrestlers live and train together – after several athletes tested positive in April. The following month, a 28-year-old wrestler died of complications from the virus.

The pandemic forced sumo authorities to hold the March tournament in Osaka behind closed doors, while the May tournament was cancelled. The most recent competition, in July, went ahead, with spectator numbers capped at 2,500. Fans were asked to wear masks and to refrain from cheering.

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In the UK the first climate assembly made up of ordinary members of the public is calling for some pretty radical policies to tackle the climate emergency that is facing the world, calling for the economic recovery from Covid-19 to help drive the move to net zero carbon emissions.

I’m always full of hope and admiration for the findings of citizens assemblies, who prove time and again if you are truthful and honest with normal people about the scale of a problem – they will collectively come up with real solutions.

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