Hospitals approach crisis as US coronavirus cases soar to new records – live

8.03pm BST

A commission at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill has voted in favor of a recommendation to rename four campus buildings that currently have ties to slaveholders or white supremacists.

According to the Associated Press:

The recommendation from the Commission on History, Race & A Way Forward on Friday will go to school’s chancellor, who can then decide to forward it to the Board of Trustees, the Charlotte Observer reported. The board, scheduled to meet Thursday, is expected to discuss a policy to change the names of facilities on campus.

The four buildings at issue are named after men who “used their positions to impose and maintain violent systems of racial subjugation,” said history professor Jim Leloudis, who co-chairs the commission.

7.41pm BST

Donald Trump’s presidential motorcade departed Trump National Golf Club at 2.10pm, according to a pool report. The White House has yet to provide any information on the president’s activities, but NBC News cameras captured the president on the course.

Today’s pool reporter notes a mix of about 20 supporters and protesters gathered outside the entrance to the golf club to greet the motorcade:

The scene was quite spirited while pool waited for the president to depart.

One supporter was particularly animated, repeatedly clapping and chanting “keep America great” and “four more years.”

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