Everything is Connected

There are times in our lives when it’s easy to forget how connected everything is. Times when life gets a little too tough and stressful and we end up paying more attention to our own well being in a way that disregards the cost and the consequences to the world out there; the people, the environment and everything else that’s a part of it. We find ourselves being selfish – not because we want to be but because circumstances force us to be.

That’s how the world got into the state that it’s in now. Here’s a neat 20 minute video that explains it all.

On this website I’ll be exploring and adding videos and articles that help to expand and explain the rich and diverse complexity of the world we live in – complex but not complicated.

Latest News

Coronavirus: a warning to Latin America and the Caribbean to dramatically increase COVID-19 testing

We are among 250 population scientists and health specialists from around the globe who have issued a stark warning to countries in Latin America and the Caribbean: governments must increase COVID-19 testing in the region before it is too late. Having observed the experience elsewhere in the world, the region can and should implement pertinent…

Coronavirus: the danger of latex gloves

Is it safe? Kondor83/Shutterstock The COVID-19 pandemic has sparked a great deal of interest in how people might avoid getting infected. One of the methods public health officials strongly encourage is handwashing. By now, everyone should be adept at washing their hands like a surgeon preparing for theatre. People touch their faces all the time,…

Global Newsletter # 38: Love & Rage in Times of Corona

Global Newsletter # 38: Love & Rage in Times of Corona Dear rebels, We hope you’re keeping well in these strange times. It’s been a difficult month for many of us, with Covid-19 dominating the global conversation.  Perhaps the most difficult aspect of C-19 is the struggle to live in this new world of distancing…

UK coronavirus live: London has enough hospital beds, says Khan, as Boris Johnson remains in intensive care

Mayor says capital has ‘capacity to deal with our needs’, as Cambridge University sets up new testing lab Johnson to stay in hospital amid concerns about political vacuum At a glance: latest developments See all of our coronavirus coverage 11.26am BST Following a news report this morning regarding cats and coronavirus, the British Veterinary Association…

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