• Does climate change cause disasters?
    Does human-caused climate change create or worsen disasters? Science answers “not really”. Disasters are caused by vulnerabilities, even while climate change affects the weather. Source – Psychology Today Does climate change cause disasters?
  • Leaders’ Tough COVID Task
    Handling a corona-caused layoff. Source – Psychology Today Leaders’ Tough COVID Task
  • The Joy of Make Up Sex
    Do you find your self in a cycle of fighting and make up sex? It might feel great at the time, but it is having a damaging effect on your relationship? Source – Psychology Today The Joy of Make Up Sex
  • Self-Reported Patterns of Use of Alcohol and Drugs After Suicide Bereavement and Other Sudden Losses: A Mixed Methods Study of 1,854 Young Bereaved Adults in the UK
    Background Bereavement, particularly by suicide, is associated with an excess risk of mortality and of physical and psychological morbidity. Use of alcohol as a coping mechanism is suggested as a contributing factor. However, studies describing substance use after bereavement rely on diagnostic data, lacking a more fine-grained understanding of patterns of substance use when grieving. … Read MoreRead more
  • Our Couple Bubble Saved Our Marriage
    Coming back to my commitment gave me strength when I felt weak and wounded. Source – Psychology Today Our Couple Bubble Saved Our Marriage
  • How to Heal Your Inner Self in Quarantine
    5 ways to win the battle with negative thoughts and feelings while in quarantine. Source – Psychology Today How to Heal Your Inner Self in Quarantine
  • If Self-Help Starts Feeling Unhelpful Here's Why
    There’s wisdom in going through and getting beyond simple, pat, pop-psych solutions. Here’s how to find it. Source – Psychology Today If Self-Help Starts Feeling Unhelpful Here's Why
  • Interaction of Temporal Lobe Epilepsy and Posttraumatic Stress Disorder: Network Analysis of a Single Case
    In this case study, we present a 21 years old female with long-standing Temporal Lobe Epilepsy (TLE) who, following a sexual assault, also developed Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), leading to a change in her seizure semiology. The new seizures seemed to be a re-enactment of the sexual assault and accordingly were at first thought to … Read MoreRead more
  • Spanish Version of the Plymouth Sensory Imagery Questionnaire
    Objective The current interest in mental imagery in fields such as sport and physical training, health, education, underscore the need for designing general measures of imagery vividness that include different sensorial modalities such as the Plymouth Sensory Imagery Questionnaire (Psi-Q; Andrade et al., 2014). The Psi-Q measures imagery vividness in seven sensorial modalities with a … Read MoreRead more
  • Engaging Parents in Primary Care Can Improve Communication with Teens
    In a new study, researchers found that parent-teen communication improved after families participated in a primary care-based communication intervention. The teens also experienced less distress and more positive emotions. The study, published in The Journal of Pediatrics, emphasizes the potential impact of engaging parents in the primary care setting to improve parent-teen communication, which could … Read MoreRead more
  • Middle Age Stress May Be On the Rise
    Even before the novel coronavirus started sweeping the globe, investigators found that life may be more stressful now than it was in the 1990s. Pennsylvania State University researchers found that across all ages, there was a slight increase in daily stress in the 2010s compared to the 1990s. However, when researchers specifically examined people between … Read MoreRead more
  • How Can Hypnotherapy Help Me During Menopause?
    Are you going through the menopause and looking for help managing symptoms? Hypnotherapy can help with hot flashes & night sweats, and manage mood swings, anxiety & depression Source – Psychology Today How Can Hypnotherapy Help Me During Menopause?
  • Were You Judged Incompetent? Maybe It’s Your Clothes.
    A new study suggests economic status cues can affect our perceptions of competence. Source – Psychology Today Were You Judged Incompetent? Maybe It’s Your Clothes.
  • That “One Little Thing” You’ve Been Meaning to Say? Say It.
    Been meaning to reach out to someone lately? It might just make all the difference in the world. Source – Psychology Today That “One Little Thing” You’ve Been Meaning to Say? Say It.
  • Reading Partner’s Emotions Can Be Double-Edged Sword
    When a person can read their partner’s emotions it can strengthen their relationship, according to new research. But the new study also found that when anger or contempt come into play, the quality of the relationship can plummet. In the new study, psychologists at the University of Rochester in the United States and the University … Read MoreRead more
  • Job Crafting and Performance in Firefighters: The Role of Work Meaning and Work Engagement
    The Job Demands-Resources (JD-R) model was often utilized as an explanatory framework when investigating the strain process among first responders in general and firefighters in particular. Yet, little is known about the motivational processes whithin firefighters. The aim of this study is to expand the knowledge regarding the motivational process of firefighters by investigating job … Read MoreRead more
  • Time Series Analysis in Forecasting Mental Addition and Summation Performance
    An ideal performance evaluation metric would be predictive, objective, easy to administer, estimate the variance in performance, and provide a confidence interval for the level of uncertainty. Time series forecasting may provide objective metrics for predictive performance in mental arithmetic. Addition and summation (addition combined with subtraction) using the Japanese Soroban computation system was undertaken … Read MoreRead more
  • Teen Girls' Risk for Depression During the COVID-19 Crisis
    Girls are at significantly increased risk for depression as they enter adolescence. Given the current COVID-19 crisis, they are even more vulnerable. What can parents do to help? Source – Psychology Today Teen Girls' Risk for Depression During the COVID-19 Crisis
  • Political Biases in Academia
    This entry includes a list of mostly peer reviewed articles and academic books and chapters addressing the problem of political bias in academia. Source – Psychology Today Political Biases in Academia
  • Wearing a Mask Is an Act of Love
    What’s so hard, or such a big deal, about something as simple as wearing a mask in public? If we all shift our perspective, we can love and help each other through this crisis. Source – Psychology Today Wearing a Mask Is an Act of Love
  • Meeting the Needs of Autistic Individuals During COVID-19 Pandemic
    In a new paper, experts address the specific challenges patients with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and their families might encounter during the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as what healthcare providers should know and do to ensure optimal and safe care. The report is published in The Lancet Psychiatry journal. “Autism spectrum disorder prevalence has increased … Read MoreRead more
  • Social Isolation Can Hike Risk of Death from All Causes
    People who are socially isolated are more than 40 percent more likely to have a cardiovascular event, such as a heart attack or stroke, than people who are socially integrated, according to new research. The German study also found that people who are socially isolated are almost 50 percent more likely to die from any … Read MoreRead more
  • Are Empty-Nest Elders Unhappy? Re-examining Chinese Empty-Nest Elders’ Subjective Well-Being Considering Social Changes
    Aging, the one-child policy, and migration have altered Chinese family structure and the number of empty-nest elders is increasing. Since living without children runs in the opposite direction of filial piety, empty-nest elders have typically been negatively viewed and depicted as unhappy. However, individualization and the unbalanced development of China may decrease the impact of … Read MoreRead more
  • Visual Search in Chinese Children With Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder and Comorbid Developmental Dyslexia: Evidence for Pathogenesis From Eye Movements
    In this study, a visual search task was conducted on children with comorbid attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and developmental dyslexia (DD), children with pure ADHD, and typically developing children to explore the pathogenesis of comorbidity between ADHD and DD. Participants searched for the target character from five characters in each trial during the task. The … Read MoreRead more
  • Survey: High Stress From Coronavirus Is New Normal for Parents
    Nearly half of parents of children under age 18 say their stress levels related to the coronavirus pandemic are high, with managing their kids’ online learning the number one source of stress for many, according to a new survey by the American Psychological Association. As the global COVID-19 pandemic continues and parents juggle child care, … Read MoreRead more