'We’ve covered huge swathes of the UK in tarmac': how roads affect birds

Rarer birds suffer the most from the network that criss-crosses the country, finds study, but kerbside life appears to suit someIn 1925, ecologist Dayton Stoner drove 632 miles through Iowa, making a note of all the dead animals he saw en route. There were 225 pieces of roadkill in total, including red-headed woodpeckers, painted terrapins and blue racer snakes – once-common species that are now rare. The paper, called The Toll of the Automobile, was the first study of “road ecology” – a growing area of research that looks at the many ways tarmac dissects habitats.In Britain, dead pheasants, foxes… Source – Full Article https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2020/sep/01/weve-covered-huge-swathes-of-the-uk-in-tarmac-how-roads-affect-birds-aoe

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