A Scottish Highland Cow: ‘On yonder hill there stood a coo’ | Helen Sullivan

They are benevolent vegetarian gods. They watch over, through shielded eyes, the very few animals that have a fringe.William Topaz McGonagall, the “worst poet in the history of the English language”, is responsible for some of my mother’s favourite words in the world to say. She delivers them in a decent-enough Scottish accent, and she does so whenever the opportunity presents itself: “On yonder hill there stood a coo / It’s no’ there noo / It must’a shif’ted”. When I hear this rhyme I picture a Scottish highland cow, its coat waving in the icy flaff. McGonagall, who has a… Source – Full Article https://www.theguardian.com/environment/commentisfree/2021/may/12/a-scottish-highland-cow-on-yonder-hill-there-stood-a-coo

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