Admincontrol supports cleantech startups with new initiative

With the introduction of the Admincontrol Cleantech Initiative, the Nordic data room leader aims to support cleantech startups entering early funding rounds, as well as contributing to environmental sustainability.

“With this initiative, we are able to support two areas we feel very passionate about; sustainability and entrepreneurship” Mari Nygård, Head of Data Rooms at Admincontrol, explains.

Following the initiative, startups dedicated to solving environmental objective are offered Admincontrol’s data room solution at a solid discount. The data room solution is custom-built to facilitate and streamline processes such as fundraising and capital injections. Cleantech startup can now enjoy all the features of the solution, at a 75 % discount.

“For entrepreneurs in the start-up face, time is scarce. But so is money. Not surprising, many startups find it difficult to prioritize buying time-saving solutions like data rooms. Being passionate about sustainability, we want to contribute by helping to give start-ups within this area every chance to succeed. To be able to do that we are offering our solution at a very low cost through this initiative”, Nygård says.

To determine what qualifies as an environmental objective and hence be eligible for the initiative, Admincontrol has decided to use the EU Taxonomy for Sustainable Initiative, a classification system establishing a list of environmentally sustainable economic activities. To qualify, companies need to be devoted to solving one or more of the environmental objectives of the Taxonomy Regulation, as well as being a startup in a phase prior to, and including, series A funding.

Environmental sustainability is Admincontrol’s main CSR focus area in 2021, and the cleantech initiative is one of several activities and initiatives the company has planned for this year.

“We know that our planet is in a fragile state and that we cannot continue using its resources as we please. Climate change is already affecting the lives of the most vulnerable people and countries in the world, and it will affect our lives as well. Therefore, we need to join in on efforts to stop the further development of the climate crisis” says Nina Ferlic, CSR officer at Admincontrol.

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About Admincontrol
Admincontrol is a leading provider of secure board portals and virtual data rooms offered as out-of-the-box, software as a service. The company is owned by Visma and headquartered in Norway with local offices across the Nordics, UK and the Netherlands serving close to 100.000 users globally. Admincontrol offers solutions for secure collaboration and user-friendly sharing of documents and information in business-critical processes such as board and management work, due diligence, and M&A.

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Admincontrol supports cleantech startups with new initiative

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