‘AFL players are concerned’: how the black summer fires spurred Tom Campbell to act on climate change

Training indoors as bushfires raged forced the St Kilda ruckman to re-evaluate football’s role in the climate crisisGet our free news app; get our morning email briefingSt Kilda AFL men’s player Tom Campbell has always been concerned about environmental issues. But it was the black summer bushfires of 2019/20 that spurred him to galvanise players into using their position and platforms to do something about climate change.“The images we were seeing on TV of communities right around Australia being impacted by those extreme fires … and then, the very small impact that had on us as AFL players, forcing our… Source – Full Article https://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2022/may/12/afl-players-are-concerned-how-the-black-summer-fires-spurred-tom-campbell-to-act-on-climate-change

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