Australia coronavirus live update: NSW police say lockdown orders will last 90 days as national cases near 5,000 – latest news

Worried parents are increasingly pulling their children out of daycare amid the coronavirus crisis. Follow live updates

11.23pm BST

It is time for Tasmanian premier’s Peter Gutwein’s update.

He says two travellers toured the state, returned home, and then tested positive for Covid-19.

The two people travelled together as part of an organised tour of Tasmania from 12 to 23 March and they were only diagnosed after they returned to their home state. Here’s the list of locations they went to #politas #covid19tas

It’s almost a fortnight since these travellers left Tasmania. And it is absolutely prudent that we take any steps that we can to prevent any potential spread, to make sure that anyone who was at the locations on the days that have been identified, and who may develop or develops respiratory symptoms over the past 14 days to contact the public health line.

I want to thank those businesses that we’ve been in touch with for their cooperation at this difficult time.

11.03pm BST

Good god, people. You can’t shoot the virus.

We’ve stopped the recreational sale of firearms and ammunition.

Because no one needs to stockpile anything during a crisis – especially not these.

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