Australia coronavirus live update: parliament passes $130bn Jobkeeper package and Ruby Princess raided – latest news

Scott Morrison has described the government’s economic stimulus package in response to the coronavirus crisis as ‘the biggest economic lifeline in Australia’s history’. Follow live

11.21pm BST

And on schools, Gladys Berejiklian said when it comes to next term, it is still a work in progress.

There’s some options we’re considering. But again it will be based on health advice and in consultation with all of our stakeholders, including of course principals and teachers and parent groups as well.

We’ll provide an update on that situation once but make a decision and again that will be based on health advice.

11.20pm BST

In amongst that briefing, was the news the NSW government would be filling the gap between the government’s free childcare announcement, and the services offered by local governments, to make nearly all early child care free in that state.

Gladys Berejiklian

I’m pleased to announce the New South Wales government will be providing free preschool for parents over the next six months. That will be at a cost of $50 million but we’re pleased to do this because we know that household budgets are under pressure, families are under pressure, so for the next six months, preschool for all ages will be free in New South Wales.

But to match what the Federal Government has done in child care centres, local government can’t cover it all and we’re stepping up and paying the other half.

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