Amber Reeve, 26, student nurse from Cardiff

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Albuquerque’s ‘urban wildlife refuge’: much-needed green space or green gentrification?

An urban wildlife refuge is meant to alleviate generations of environmental racism that has beset the historic neighborhood of Mountain View. That’s assuming it can meet the community’s needsAlbuquerque’s South Valley was once a thriving oasis of food production watered by a network of historic irrigation canals, or acequias. Today, it’s home to several historic neighborhoods along the Rio Grande, including Mountain View. Related: The climate emergency is here. The media needs to act like it Continue reading… Source – Full Article

Egypt: 74 NGOs urge Egyptian authorities to release researcher Ahmed Samir Santawy

We, the undersigned 74 organizations, call upon the Egyptian authorities to immediately and unconditionally release 29-year-old student and researcher Ahmed Samir Santawy, who has been arbitrarily detained since 1 February 2021 on bogus terrorism-related charges. The undersigned organizations further call on the authorities to ensure prompt, independent, impartial, transparent, and effective investigations into Ahmed Samir Santawy’s allegations of being subjected to enforced disappearance and ill-treatment by security forces following his arrest. Source / Read More:

America’s year of hunger: how children and people of color suffered most

Investigation of a year’s worth of data reveals the scale of America’s hunger and food insecurity crisis during a year of Covid-19Graphics by Aliya UteuovaBlack families in the US have gone hungry at two to three times the rate of white families over the course of the pandemic, according to new analysis which suggests political squabbling over Covid aid exacerbated a crisis that left millions of children without enough to eat.An investigation into food poverty by the Guardian and the Institute for Policy Research (IPR) at Northwestern University found gaping racial inequalities in access to adequate nutrition that threatens the……

Experimentally friendly approach towards nonlocal correlations in multisetting N-partite Bell scenarios

Quantum 5, 430 (2021). In this work, we study a recently proposed operational measure of nonlocality by Fonseca and Parisio [Phys. Rev. A 92, 030101(R) (2015)] which describes the probability of violation of local realism under randomly sampled observables, and the strength of such violation as described by resistance to white noise admixture. While our knowledge concerning these quantities is well established from a theoretical point of view, the experimental counterpart is a considerably harder task and very little has been done in this field. It is caused by the lack of complete knowledge about the facets of the…

What Keir Starmer needs to do to win the next election

By TruePublica Editor: I voted for Thatcher in 1979 (I was 19 at the time from a solid Tory voting family) and 1983 and then for John Major in 1992. I personally met both, shook their hands and spoke with them. They seemed to be very decent people. But by the time 1997 came along, […] The post What Keir Starmer needs to do to win the next election appeared first on TruePublica. Source: Read More: What Keir Starmer needs to do to win the next election

What Judges Want to Know From Forensic Evaluators in Child Custody and Child Protection Cases: Analyzing Forensic Assignments With Latent Dirichlet Allocation

This study analyzes the questions on aspects of child custody, visitation rights, or child endangerment that judges pose to forensic psychologists in family law proceedings. Before conducting a psychological evaluation, the legal question in the referral has to be translated into case-specific, forensically relevant issues. The only overarching principle guiding this process is the “best interests of the child” criterion. Literature indicates that judges often struggle to define what variables should be specified for a psychological evaluation in their referral questions. This study aims to contribute to a better understanding of the information judges would like to ascertain from psychological…

Cultural Roots of Parenting: Mothers’ Parental Social Cognitions and Practices From Western US and Shanghai/China

Cultural values can be considered as important factors that impact parents’ social cognitions and parenting practices. However, few studies compare specific cultural values of parents and the relationships between cultural values and parenting processes in eastern and western contexts. This study examined the ethnicity differences in mothers’ cultural values, parental social cognitions (child-rearing ideologies and goals), and parenting practices between Mainland Chinese and European American contexts. Predictors of parenting goals and parenting practices were also investigated. Mothers of 4–6 years old children from the western United States (N = 78) and Shanghai/China (N = 96) participated in this study. The…

Australia news live: national cabinet to meet twice a week to get coronavirus vaccine rollout back on track

A day after Australia decided not to do a deal with Johnson & Johnson, the US has paused its rollout over blood clot cases. Follow updates live • Morrison asks national cabinet to meet twice a week• Australia reports second blood clot case • Bupa left in limbo about aged care staff vaccines • Pfizer vaccine is now crucial to Australia. So why the secrecy? 12.21am BST Police investigating the baffling disappearance of Russell Hill and Carol Clay more than a year ago have moved the focus of their search following a new lead reports AAP. Victoria Police said search…

Biden says US has enough vaccine for ‘every single, solitary American’ – live

President downplays concerns over pause of J&J Covid vaccine Biden pays respects to officer killed in attack outside US Capitol Johnson & Johnson Covid vaccine to be paused in US over blood clots Sign up to receive First Thing – our daily briefing by email 12.20am BST Dams, mining, factory farms and global heating are among the gravest threats facing America’s endangered rivers, according to a new report. The Snake River in the Pacific north-west is ranked the most endangered US river of 2021, where salmon runs are on the brink of extinction because of four federal dams obstructing the…

California: Demand Broadband for All

From the pandemic to the Frontier bankruptcy to the ongoing failures in remote learning, we’ve seen now more than ever how current broadband infrastructure fails to meet the needs of the people. This pain is particularly felt in already under-served communities—urban and rural—where poverty and lack of choice leaves millions at the mercy of monopolistic Internet Service Providers (ISPs) who have functionally abandoned them.  Take Action Tell your Senators to Support S.B. 4 This is why EFF is part of a coalition of nonprofits, private-sector companies, and local governments in support of S.B. 4. Authored by California State Senator Lena Gonzalez, the bill would…

California: Demand Broadband for All

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