House GOP Is Passing Bills Based on Outright Lies About “Pro-Choice Violence”

A week after Republicans secured a majority in the House, the party wasted no time in showing how it intends to rule — passing not one, but two anti-abortion provisions. The first was a resolution that condemns attacks on “pro-life facilities, groups, and churches,” according to the legislation. By “pro-life facilities,” Republicans mean crisis pregnancy centers (CPCs), which are anti-abortion… Source Source / Read More: House GOP Is Passing Bills Based on Outright Lies About “Pro-Choice Violence”

As Abortion Providers Move to New Mexico, “Crisis Pregnancy Centers” Follow

Originally published by The 19th. With Roe v. Wade overturned, abortion providers are flocking to New Mexico, one of the largest southwestern states that protects abortion access. So-called “crisis pregnancy centers” are following their lead. One of these centers will now open across the street from the Las Cruces Women’s Health Clinic, a reincarnation of the Mississippi clinic at the center of the Supreme Court case that reversed Roe. Crisis pregnancy centers are largely non-medical sites that aim to dissuade people from getting abortions. Often, they’re located near abortion clinics and get patients in the door by offering free ultrasounds.…

Tennessee Abortion Clinics Grapple With Uncertainty as SCOTUS Decision Looms

Corinne Rovetti is worried about what will happen to the Knoxville Center for Reproductive Health if the Supreme Court overturns the constitutional right to abortion. The clinic, where she has worked for 33 years helping people across a four-state region, could close. “We’re unsure if we’ll be able to maintain services at all,” said Rovetti, who is the co-director and a nurse practitioner at KCRH, which provides medication abortions and abortion procedures, as well as gynecological and family planning services. Each year, the center provides abortion services to 1,300 to 1,400 patients, including people from Kentucky, Georgia, and Virginia. The…

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