Biden Officials: Chip Makers Wanting Federal Subsidies Must Provide Child Care

The Biden administration is slated to unveil a rule this week that would grant access to child care to a small slice of the U.S. workforce in an effort to advance the administration’s goal of expanding and supporting the “care economy.” On Tuesday, the Commerce Department is expected to announce a rule that will essentially require computer chip manufacturers seeking to access federal funding from… Source Source / Read More: Biden Officials: Chip Makers Wanting Federal Subsidies Must Provide Child Care

Many Child Care Workers Are Blocked From Student Loan Forgiveness

Adrienne Briggs has $55,000 in student loans. Each month, she pays $150 toward the debt. Briggs runs a small child care center out of her home in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where she’s been caring for children for 30 years. “I am 62 years old and should be looking toward retirement,” Briggs said. But with loans to pay, she doesn’t think that will happen. She kept chipping away at the loans, even during the suspension of federal student loan payments intended to provide relief during the pandemic. But that extra effort barely brought the debt down. “I’ll probably have to work until…

Research Finds Investment in Permanent Child Tax Credit Would Pay Off 10-Fold

New research finds that if the expanded child tax credit were made permanent, the social and economic benefits from the investment would far outweigh the costs of the program. A working paper from Columbia University, Barnard College and Open Sky Policy Institute researchers finds that if low-income families with one child saw their income increase by $1,000 a year, the benefits would outweigh the cost of the program 10-fold. While making the program permanent would cost the government $97 billion, it would create social benefits worth $982 billion. These benefits include direct impacts, like improved health and longevity for both…

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