COVID Is Not Behind Us — It’s Still Sending Children to the Emergency Room

“Americans have declared an unofficial end to the pandemic,” writes Robert Pearl, M.D. for Forbes. “Most people are no longer willing to mask up, keep their kids out of school or avoid spending time with family and friends…. Americans are moving on from Covid-19, whether or not health-policy experts believe they should.” All over, you say? Someone forgot to tell that to the preschool-aged son of my dear friend and colleague, a 4-year-old who presented with a viciously spiked fever over the weekend. As with nearly 4 million children in the U.S., my colleague’s child is susceptible to seizures if…

Time to Boycott Cadbury/Mondelez because of Child labour practices?

Children as young as 10 have allegedly been found working to harvest cocoa pods to supply Mondelēz Intl, which owns Cadbury. #boycottCadbury #CadburyChildLabour.

Parents With Disabilities Face Medicare Rules That Exclude Parental Assistance

This story was originally published by The 19th. Crystal Evans wants to wash her daughter’s hair. The problem is, she can’t use her home’s shower. Medicaid approved a bathroom modification in January 2020, but it didn’t include the shower portion, Evans said. “The physical layout is a barrier. I can’t help Sophie without flooding the bathroom,” she said. “It’s really awkward and dangerous for me. I fall in there a lot.” Evans, a single parent, has a neuromuscular disability. She uses a power chair and a ventilator and is unable to access much of her own home. Medicaid pays for…

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