Россия: Протесту здесь не место

Право на свободу мирных собраний является основополагающим правом человека, закрепленным как в международных и региональных договорах, которые Россия согласилась соблюдать, так и в российском законодательстве. Однако российские власти пренебрегают обязательствами государства соблюдать, защищать, поощрять и обеспечивать это право, применяя все более репрессивные меры для ограничения и подавления мирных протестов. Это все более репрессивное законодательство применяется путем несправедливых судебных разбирательств, необоснованных и непропорциональных наказаний и чрезмерного применения силы против протестующих. Source / Read More: https://www.amnesty.org/en/documents/eur46/4328/2021/ru/

If You Build It, They Will Come: Apple Has Opened the Backdoor to Increased Surveillance and Censorship Around the World

Apple’s new program for scanning images sent on iMessage steps back from the company’s prior support for the privacy and security of encrypted messages. The program, initially limited to the United States, narrows the understanding of end-to-end encryption to allow for client-side scanning. While Apple aims at the scourge of child exploitation and abuse, the company has created an infrastructure that is all too easy to redirect to greater surveillance and censorship. The program will undermine Apple’s defense that it can’t comply with the broader demands. For years, countries around the world have asked for access to and control over…

Statement on Police Liaison for the Impossible Rebellion starting 23rd August

In line with our current police liaison policy, XR will not be pre-liaising actions with police for any of the London based actions that will be part of the Impossible Rebellion, August 2021, unless insisted upon by the action team.  Since October 2019 the Met. Police Public Order Command Team have chosen not to recognise their duty to facilitate peaceful protest, rendering pre-liaison meetings superfluous.  Mike Schwarz, a solicitor acting in XR cases and an expert on protest laws, said:  “The police, prosecution and lower courts must take the right to protest seriously, particularly in the light of the recent…

Why eye-catching graphics are vital for getting to grips with climate change

Why eye-catching graphics are vital for getting to grips with climate change A Heat Gradient graphic from the upcoming book Atlas of the Invisible. Atlas of the Invisible, Author provided Like many people, the first graph I ever saw explaining climate change was in a school geography textbook. It showed the “hockey stick” curve of the Earth’s surface temperature over time, which has become one of the world’s most recognisable line graphs. Despite relatively minor fluctuations, the line on the graph depicting global surface temperature remains almost horizontal across centuries, before suddenly inclining to an almost vertical trajectory over the…

Why we need to stop thinking of the Caribbean as a tourist ‘paradise’

Why we need to stop thinking of the Caribbean as a tourist ‘paradise’ Tourism provides about one-fourth of all jobs in Jamaica. Christal Erwin, Author provided Descriptions of the Caribbean have long reduced the region to the luring trinity of sun, sea and sand in order to market it as the ideal holiday destination. The splendour of its rainforests and the aquatic hues of its coral reefs are undeniably beautiful. But Caribbean islands are also home to people, animals and other non-human species whose complex histories have been shaped by exploitative tourism. In the west, the idea of a “paradise…

Ethiopia: “I don’t know if they realized I was a person”: Rape and sexual violence in the conflict in Tigray, Ethiopia

During the conflict that began on 4 November 2020 in Tigray – Ethiopia’s northernmost region – troops fighting in support of the federal government have committed widespread rape against ethnic Tigrayan women and girls. The perpetrators include members of the Eritrean Defense Forces (EDF), the Ethiopian National Defense Force (ENDF), the Amhara Regional Police Special Forces (ASF), and Fano, an informal Amhara militia group. Given the context, scale, and gravity of the sexual violence committed against women and girls in Tigray, the violations amount to war crimes and may amount to crimes against humanity. Source / Read More: https://www.amnesty.org/en/documents/afr25/4569/2021/en/

A constellation is born: Approaching the Web3 platform economy

As many envision a world in which both information and value flow freely, new pathways for sustainable income streams are emerging online Source: OpenDemocracy: https://www.opendemocracy.net/en/digitaliberties/constellation-is-born-approaching-web3-platform-economy-/

Camboya: Más información: Se presentan nuevos cargos contra activistas ambientales

Continúa la persecución de seis activistas juveniles de Mother Nature Cambodia, conocido grupo ambientalista que hace campaña contra la destrucción del medioambiente y abusos relacionados contra los derechos humanos. Tres de los activistas, ya condenados a entre 18 y 20 meses de prisión por cargos falsos de incitación, pueden ser condenados a otros 10 años de cárcel por “conspiración” para poner en peligro el reino de Camboya. Encarcelados sólo por proteger pacíficamente el medioambiente, defender la justicia climática y promover los derechos de las comunidades locales, deben ser puestos de inmediato en libertad incondicional. Source / Read More: https://www.amnesty.org/en/documents/asa23/4594/2021/es/

Cambodia: Further information: Environmental activists face additional charges

Six youth activists from Mother Nature Cambodia, a well-known environmental group that campaigns against environmental destruction and related human rights abuses, continue to face ongoing persecution. Three of the activists, already sentenced to 18-20 months imprisonment for trumped up charges of incitement, face an additional 10 years behind bars for “plotting” to endanger the Kingdom of Cambodia. Imprisoned solely for peacefully protecting the environment, advocating for climate justice, and promoting the rights of local communities, they should be released immediately and unconditionally. Source / Read More: https://www.amnesty.org/en/documents/asa23/4594/2021/en/

O (no!) Canada: Fast-moving proposal creates filtering, blocking and reporting rules—and speech police to enforce them

Policymakers around the world are contemplating a wide variety of proposals to address “harmful” online expression. Many of these proposals are dangerously misguided and will inevitably result in the censorship of all kinds of lawful and valuable expression. And one of the most dangerous proposals may be adopted in Canada. How bad is it? As Stanford’s Daphne Keller observes, “It’s like a list of the worst ideas around the world.” She’s right. These ideas include: broad “harmful content” categories that explicitly include speech that is legal but potentially upsetting or hurtful a hair-trigger 24-hour takedown requirement (far too short for…

‘What are we waiting for?’: Why the IPCC report is a call to action

Yesterday’s 6th Assessment Report from the IPCC reiterated what we’ve known for a while: the climate crisis spells certain disaster. But it also provides more reason than ever before to join the two weeks of actions in London starting August 23rd, at which we will rebel to lessen the horrors to come. Drawing on the last eight years of peer-reviewed climate research, the UN-commissioned report confirmed we are on track to exceed 1.5℃ of global warming in a little over a decade, and communities everywhere will have to adapt in certain ways, such as creating efficient early warning systems, to…

Apocalyptic films have lulled us into a false sense of security about climate change

Apocalyptic films have lulled us into a false sense of security about climate change The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)‘s sobering “code red for humanity” report comes on the heels of months of devastating weather events around the world. Our front pages have been dominated by photos that look as if they’ve come from a film – images of heroic teams tackling forest fires against a bright orange sky, of planes dropping water and fire retardant, cars sinking into flooded streets and destroyed buildings. One image – that of a ferry, carrying evacuees from the Greek Island of Evia,…