Thanksgiving Can Never Be Redeemed From Its Colonial Past. Let’s Abolish It.

Decolonization — the act of rejecting colonial oppression — requires the abolition of that which is harmful. Decolonization is not reform nor recuperation. It involves concrete material actions, such as rematriation of lands and getting rid of oppressive colonial structures and creating something else from (or despite) the ashes of what needs to be destroyed for Indigenous, Black, Brown, queer, disabled, and all “othered” life to regenerate. Ashes are complicated. Depending on what was burned and how, ashes can be sacred, healing, clarifying and protecting. Fire is a strong part of many Indigenous cultures and land relations. Fire can be…

DRC: Stop using prolonged state of siege as excuse to crush protests

The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) authorities must guarantee the rights to freedom of peaceful assembly, association and expression, Amnesty International said today on the second day of a new wave of demonstrations in the eastern DRC against the UN peacekeeping force, the ongoing state of siege, and the resurgence of the Movement of March […] The post <strong>DRC: Stop using prolonged state of siege as excuse to crush protests</strong> appeared first on Amnesty International.

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