Activists Condemn GOP States’ “Sham” Lawsuit Over Student Debt Forgiveness

Six Republican-led states filed a lawsuit on Thursday aiming to stop tens of millions of student loan borrowers from receiving relief from President Joe Biden’s debt forgiveness plan in one of Republicans’ first legal challenges to the plan. Arkansas, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska and South Carolina are suing the Education Department, saying that the plan is too broad and “inherently unfair.” The lawsuit, filed in a Missouri federal court, argues that the plan is not “tailored to address the effects of the pandemic” on borrowers. They argue that loan servicers would also be hurt by the plan, especially MOHELA, Missouri’s…

Health Professionals glue on outside Downing Street calling for an end to fossil fuels

At 2.30pm today, 60 health professionals sat down in front of the gates outside Downing Street. Some members performed an unsuccessful ‘resuscitation’ of a 4 foot Earth on a stretcher. Following this 10 health professionals remained in front of the gates and ‘glued on’, whilst their colleagues held banners saying ‘For Health’s Sake Stop Financing Fossil Fuels’ and ‘Fossil Fuels are a Dead End’. The post Health Professionals glue on outside Downing Street calling for an end to fossil fuels appeared first on Extinction Rebellion UK.

AOC Calls for Student Loan Cancellation as Biden Is Expected to Extend Freeze

President Joe Biden is expected to announce on Wednesday that his administration is once again going to extend the student loan payment pause, which is currently set to expire in May. According to administration officials, Biden will only extend the pause for three months. The new expiration date would be August 31. Though the action received limited praise from lawmakers, it’s far from what debt advocates and Democrats and progressives in Congress have been demanding. Last week, nearly 100 Democrats sent a letter to Biden urging him to extend the payment pause through at least the end of the year,…

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