Heat the Rich? Part five: E.ON

Heat the Rich? Part five: E.ON Throughout this Autumn Corporate Watch has been taking a critical look at the top six UK energy suppliers, in solidarity with the millions of people who are struggling to keep warm now that energy bills have risen once again. We ask: who is profiting from supplying our energy? How much are the bosses getting paid? and how have these companies been cosying up to government? We hope that our research can be a useful resource for those organising towards a mass non-payment of energy bills. We will be releasing our alternative company profiles of…

UK: Sister of Alaa Abd el-Fattah to stage sit-in at Foreign Office

The sister of a UK national jailed in Egypt will begin a sit-in outside the Foreign Office in central London this week calling for the Foreign Secretary James Cleverly to urgently meet the family to explain what the Government is doing to secure their relative’s release. Alaa Abd el-Fattah, 40, a prominent human rights activist and […] The post UK: Sister of Alaa Abd el-Fattah to stage sit-in at Foreign Office appeared first on Amnesty International.

“It’s Not a Drought, It’s Looting”: Water Rights Activists Organize in Mexico

Mexico is heading into the worst months of its dry season. Fifteen of 32 states are experiencing extremely high stress on water resources, as use surpasses the amount available. Water rights activists use the term “Day Zero” for the date when a region will lack sufficient water to meet basic needs. Much of Mexico is close to this point, with Monterrey and Nuevo Leon only having two months of water reserves, and Mexico City two years. For comparison’s sake, England has been described as being in the “jaws of death” because its Day Zero is 25 years away. Activists with…

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