The Graduate Worker Unionization Movement Is Spreading Like Wildfire

The Twin Cities saw one of its biggest-ever snowstorms the week of Presidents Day. But for labor activists the snow was overshadowed by the launch of the University of Minnesota Graduate Labor Union. In its first 24 hours, the new union — affiliated with the United Electrical Workers (UE) — gathered more than 1,700 authorization cards representing nearly half the entire bargaining unit. Source Source / Read More: The Graduate Worker Unionization Movement Is Spreading Like Wildfire

48,000 UC Academic Workers Walk Off Job in 2022’s Biggest Strike So Far

Approximately 48,000 academic workers across the University of California’s (UC) 10 campuses went on strike on Monday, marking the largest U.S. strike in 2022 and potentially the largest academic strike ever waged by higher education workers in the U.S. Represented by several United Auto Workers (UAW) locals, graduate students, postdocs, teaching assistants, and other academic workers — altogether making up an indispensable but often overlooked workforce in academia — have walked off the job after authorizing a strike earlier this month with 98 percent of the vote among over 36,000 voting members. The strike comes after negotiations between the unions…

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