Entire UK government breaks ministerial code by failing to declare interests

Rishi Sunak’s failure to appoint ethics adviser means ministers are unable to comply with twice-yearly requirement

Revealed: Key UN climate campaign being advised by a Big Oil PR firm

Brunswick, an adviser to UN ‘climate champions’, has been accused of ‘enabling the fossil fuel industry’s deception’

Let Them Know: San Francisco Shouldn’t Arm Robots

The San Francisco Board of Supervisors on Nov. 29 voted 8 to 3 to approve on first reading a policy that would formally authorize the San Francisco Police Department to deploy deadly force via remote-controlled robots. The majority fell down the rabbit hole of security theater: doing anything to appear to be fighting crime, regardless of whether or not it has any tangible effect on public safety. These San Francisco supervisors seem not only willing to approve dangerously broad language about when police may deploy robots equipped with explosives as deadly force, but they are also willing to smear those…

Ukrainian Health Service ‘failing to pay nurses’ as Russia hits hospitals

Key workers told openDemocracy they are being paid months late or not in full due to a controversial healthcare reform

Trump Says He’s Been “Open” and “Transparent” Regarding Docs Kept at Mar-a-Lago

Trump kept government documents he took from the White House hidden at his Mar-a-Lago estate for over a year and a half.

Red Alert: The SFPD want the power to kill with robots

The San Francisco Board of Supervisors will vote soon on a policy that would allow the San Francisco Police Department to use deadly force by arming its many robots. This is a spectacularly dangerous idea and EFF’s stance is clear: police should not arm robots. Police technology goes through mission creep–meaning equipment reserved only for specific or extreme circumstances ends up being used in increasingly everyday or casual ways. We’ve already seen this with military-grade predator drones flying over protests, and police buzzing by the window of an activist’s home with drones. As the policy is currently written, the robots’…

Death in Qatar, but no just compensation for families back home

Qatar’s migrant workers died, but their families struggle on

UK overseas aid still invested in fossil fuels – two years after climate pledge

Revealed: Records show the FCDO’s British International Investment fund has continued to back major polluters

Exclusive: Crisis in legal aid system as asylum seekers unable to find lawyers

More than 40% of asylum seekers may be unable to access legal aid, despite the vast majority needing such support

COP27’s loss and damage deal isn’t a win. It committed us to devastation

This COP made no clear commitment to decarbonisation and stopping the climate disasters that cause loss and damage

The other Albanian migrant crisis

With Albanians’ migration to the UK in the spotlight, the demographic crisis at home has Albanians fearing for their country’s future

Club Q shooting shows link between anti-LGBTQ views, misogyny and violence

OPINION: We won’t solve gun violence until we accept that the US right is a threat to democracy and human rights

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