Happy birthday to my country, Armenia. I hope one day our trauma is over

OPINION: I’ve witnessed war, earthquakes, unrest, revolution and a pandemic. Now I’m packing my emergency bag again

Poll Finds Trump’s Approval Is Declining — While Biden’s Is on the Rise

Trump’s approval appears to have taken a hit in the wake of revelations that he kept classified documents at Mar-a-Lago.

Giving Big Corporations “Closed Generic” Top-Level Domain Names to Run as Private Kingdoms Is Still a Bad Idea

No business can own the generic word for the product it sells. We would find it preposterous if a single airline claimed exclusive use of the word “air,” or a broadband service tried to stop its rivals from using the word “broadband.” Until this year, it seemed settled that the internet’s top-level domain names (like .com, .org, and so on) would follow the same obvious rule. Alas, ICANN (the California nonprofit that governs the global domain name system) seems intent on taking domains in a more absurd direction by revisiting the thoroughly discredited concept of “closed generics.” In a nutshell,…


Puzzlemaster Aaron Steimle of the Muppet Liberation Front contributed to this post. Every year, EFF joins thousands of computer security professionals, tinkerers, and hobbyists for Hacker Summer Camp, the affectionate term used for the series of Las Vegas technology conferences including BSidesLV, Black Hat, DEF CON, and more. EFF has a long history of standing with online creators and security researchers at events like these for the benefit of all tech users. We’re proud to honor this community’s spirit of curiosity, so each year at DEF CON we unveil a limited edition EFF member t-shirt with an integrated puzzle for…

It’s Time For A Federal Anti-SLAPP Law To Protect Online Speakers

Our country’s fair and independent courts exist to resolve serious disputes. Unfortunately, some parties abuse the civil litigation process to silence others’ speech, rather than resolve legitimate claims. These types of censorious lawsuits have been dubbed Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation, or SLAPPs, and they have been on the rise over the past few decades.  Plaintiffs who bring SLAPPs intend to use the high cost of litigation to harass, intimidate, and silence critics who are speaking out against them. A deep-pocketed plaintiff who files a SLAPP doesn’t need to win the case on the merits—by putting financial pressure on a…

Members of Congress Urge FTC to Investigate Fog Data Science

In the week since EFF and the Associated Press exposed how Fog Data Science purchases geolocation data on hundreds of millions of digital devices in the United States, and maps them for easy-to-use and cheap mass surveillance by police, elected officials have voiced serious concerns about this dangerous tech. In a strong letter to Lina Khan, the chair of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), Rep. Anna Eshoo of California on Tuesday criticized the “significant Fourth Amendment search and seizure concerns” raised by Fog and urged the FTC to investigate fully. As public records obtained by EFF show, police often use Fog’s…

Are you ready to take action on climate and cost of living?

Following the postponement of the Festival of Resistance last weekend, we can now confirm that we will come together on October 14-16 for a long weekend of action, outreach, performances, talks and trainings. More on this to come!  The post Are you ready to take action on climate and cost of living? appeared first on Extinction Rebellion UK.

Truss’s plan to hike defence funding and ignore the climate is a disaster

OPINION: The UK’s new prime minister is a market fundamentalist. The resulting crises could define her premiership

Ukrainian coal miners defy national protest ban to go on strike

Industrial action at Mine No. 9 in Novovolynsk follows takeover at the top and allegations of corruption

EFF’s “Cover Your Tracks” Will Detect Your Use of iOS 16’s Lockdown Mode

Apple’s new iOS 16 offers a powerful tool for its most vulnerable users. Lockdown Mode reduces the avenues attackers have to hack into users’ phones by disabling certain often-exploited features. While providing a solid defense against intrusion, it is also trivial to detect that this new feature is enabled on a device. Our web fingerprinting tool Cover Your Tracks has incorporated detection of Lockdown Mode and alerts the user that we’ve determined they have this mode enabled. Over the last few years, journalists, human rights defenders, and activists have increasingly become targets of sophisticated hacking campaigns. With a small cost…

UK government department reprimanded over handling of freedom of information

Information commissioner warns other public authorities to 'take note' after issuing first enforcement notice in seven years

EFF to California Governor: Protect Abortion Data Privacy

In the wake of the Supreme Court’s Dobbs decision, anti-choice sheriffs and bounty hunters will try to investigate and punish abortion seekers based on their internet browsing, private messaging, and phone app location data. Legislators must act now to protect this personal data. Reproductive justice requires data privacy. That’s why EFF urges California Governor Gavin Newsom to sign A.B. 1242, authored by Assemblymember Rebecca Bauer-Kahan. This bill would protect the data privacy of people seeking abortion, by limiting how California-based entities disclose abortion-related information. Some of the bill’s requirements include the following:      California courts would be prohibited from authorizing wiretaps,…

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