Biden Succumbs to Lobbyists in Move Toward Saudi Arms and Defense Agreements

The president's planned visit to Saudi Arabia is a reversal of his campaign promise to treat the nation as a "pariah."

Video Reveals Man in GOP Congressman’s Capitol Tour Threatened to “Take Out” AOC

The video contradicts claims made by Rep. Barry Loudermilk that his tour didn't include people involved in the attack.

Five of the world’s tiniest robots

Robots a fraction of a millimetre small could swim around your eye or bloodstream for medical treatments in the future.

Five of the world’s tiniest robots

Robots a fraction of a millimetre small could swim around your eye or bloodstream for medical treatments in the future.

Five of the world’s tiniest robots

Robots a fraction of a millimetre small could swim around your eye or bloodstream for medical treatments in the future.

California: Speak Up for Student Privacy

There has been a 500% increase in the use of remote proctoring tools during the pandemic. EFF is proud to sponsor S.B. 1172, the Student Test Taker Privacy Protection Act (STTPPA), a first-of-its-kind piece of legislation authored by Sen. Dr. Richard Pan, to place limits on what they collect and provide students the right to their day in court for privacy violations.

Platform Liability Trends Around the Globe: Moving Forward

This is the final installment in a four-part blog series surveying global intermediary liability laws.  You can read additional posts here:  Platform Liability Trends Around the Globe: From Safe Harbors to Increased Responsibility Platform Liability Trends Around the Globe: Taxonomy and Tools of Intermediary Liability Platform Liability Trends Around the Globe: Recent Noteworthy Developments As this blog series has sought to show, increased attention on issues like hate speech, online harassment, misinformation, and the amplification of terrorist content continues to prompt policymakers around the globe to adopt stricter regulations for speech online, including more responsibilities for online intermediaries.  EFF has long…

Mandatory Student Spyware Is Creating a Perfect Storm of Human Rights Abuses

Spyware apps were foisted on students at the height of the Covid-19 lockdowns. Today, long after most students have returned to in-person learning, those apps are still proliferating, and enabling an ever-expanding range of human rights abuses. In a recent Center for Democracy and Technology report, 81 percent of teachers said their schools use some form of this “student monitoring” spyware. Yet many of the spyware companies supplying these apps seem neither prepared nor concerned about the harms they are inflicting on students.  These student spyware apps promise scalable surveillance-as-a-service. The lure of “scalability” is a well-documented source of risk to marginalized…

The EU's New Message-Scanning Regulation Must Be Stopped

The executive body of the European Union is pushing forward with a proposal that will endanger privacy and security for us all.  When this proposal was made public by the EU Commission last month, we said it was a terrible idea. Today, we’re joining together with more than 70 organizations in Europe and around the world to explain how dangerous this proposed law will be.  The Commission’s proposal would compel a broad range of technology companies to scan and analyze their users’ messages, in the name of fighting crimes against children. Email, texts, social media messages, and DMs could all…

Your Resistance Pauses Axon’s Dangerous Drone Tasers

After recent horrific mass shootings, police vendor Axon announced plans to develop a supposed solution: a remotely controlled drone armed with a taser. In response to this announcement, and in light of objections from Axon’s Ethics Board, EFF called on those concerned to voice their criticism and ask tough questions at the Axon CEO’s Reddit AMA about the project. Now, Axon has halted the project and a majority of its Ethics Board has resigned. You can read the entire AMA with Axon’s CEO here. We want to thank everyone who showed up on social media and voiced their concern about…

When DRM Comes For Your Wheelchair

Why EFF Supports Colorado’s Right to Repair Wheelchairs Law Wheelchairs Break Three million Americans rely on wheelchairs, which makes wheelchairs a key driver of the $50 billion Durable Medical Equipment industry. Many people depend on wheelchairs to help with the basic necessities of life: getting around the house, going to work, shopping, and spending time with families. This is especially true of powered wheelchairs, which integrate sophisticated computers that allow wheelchairs to respond dynamically to their environment. Anyone who’s ever dropped a cellphone or laptop knows that any gadget that travels with you around the world will eventually need repairs.…

Speech-Related Offenses Should be Excluded from the Proposed UN Cybercrime Treaty

Governments should protect people against cybercrime, and they should equally respect and protect people’s human rights. However, across the world, governments routinely abuse cybercrime laws to crack down on human rights by criminalizing speech. Governments claim they must do so to combat disinformation, “religious, ethnic or sectarian hatred,” “rehabilitation of nazism,” or “the distribution of false information,” among other harms. But in practice they use these laws to suppress criticism and dissent, and to more broadly clamp down on the freedoms of expression and association. So it is concerning that some UN Member States are proposing vague provisions to combat…

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