Renewable Energy to Become World’s Top Electricity Source by 2025, Report Says

Key countries around the world are set to add as much new renewable energy capacity over the next five years as they did over the last 20, as governments look for affordable supplies that can address the overwhelming energy security issues raised by Russia’s war in Ukraine, the International Energy Agency (IEA) says in its Renewables 2022 report released Tuesday. Renewables will increase by 2,400… Source Source / Read More: Renewable Energy to Become World’s Top Electricity Source by 2025, Report Says

Aftermath of Climate Disasters Looms Large in Louisiana Runoff Election

Not everyone who cares about high utility bills and housing insecurity is concerned with land subsidence, seawater rise and losing their earthly home. But in Louisiana, advocates for workers, tenants, ratepayers, climate and faith communities have identified a common identity to align their constituencies’ interests: All of them are ratepayers, already squeezed to the limit and bracing for worse… Source Source / Read More: Aftermath of Climate Disasters Looms Large in Louisiana Runoff Election

Does Mexico’s Wind Industry Deliver More Dirty Profits Than Clean Energy?

Almost all wind farms in Mexico are privately owned, typically by European and U.S. transnational companies. While wind farms are touted as climate solutions, the profit-hungry companies are actually causing widespread damage to the regions they’re based in. Almost two-thirds of Mexican towns and cities are currently facing severe water shortages, and the country’s Senate declared a climate emergency in 2019. Instead of addressing these issues, however, alternative energy companies in Mexico are focused on exploiting cheap land that is often the common property of farmers and Indigenous people. While companies like Coca-Cola, Walmart and Mitsubishi use the electricity generated,…

Climate Groups Slam Biden Energy Department for Increasing LNG Exports

Climate action advocates this week sharply criticized the Biden administration for signing off on increasing gas exports from the United States as Europe faces supply problems exacerbated by Russia’s war on Ukraine. The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) on Wednesday issued two long-term orders giving a pair of Cheniere Energy projects in Louisiana and Texas “additional flexibility to export the equivalent of 0.72 billion cubic feet per day” of liquefied natural gas (LNG) “to any country with which the U.S. does not have a free trade agreement, including all of Europe.” As Cheniere welcomed the move, saying in a statement…

Nuclear Power Doesn’t Belong in the Green New Deal

Amid rising public outcry over government inaction toward the climate crisis, the nuclear power industry has attempted to advertise itself as “zero emissions,” “carbon-free” and even “renewable” in order to convince politicians and the public that it is essential to solving this world-historical disaster. However, nuclear power is none of these things, and it in fact stands in the way of achieving an ecologically just society. Unfortunately, a persistent and widespread public relations campaign by the nuclear power industry is endeavoring to convince some in the climate movement, as well as prominent Democrats in Congress, that nuclear energy has a…