Turkey: “Dark day for online free expression” as new ‘disinformation law’ is passed

Responding to the Turkish parliament passing the so called ‘disinformation law’ which tightens government’s grip over social media platforms and news websites while criminalizing the sharing of information that is deemed false, Güney Yildiz, Regional Researcher at Amnesty International, said: “Today is yet another dark day for online freedom of expression and press freedom in Turkey. […] The post Turkey: “Dark day for online free expression” as new ‘disinformation law’ is passed appeared first on Amnesty International.

The Battle for Election Integrity Heats Up in Southern States Ahead of Midterms

Activists fighting against a new Jim Crow and one-party politics in Southern states are sounding the alarm about the biggest threat facing U.S. democracy. Unfair election maps are bound to produce unfair results in the upcoming midterm elections with long-lasting negative impacts throughout the South. For example, the redistricting happening in Mississippi and Alabama not only disenfranchises large numbers of Black voters, but also advances the same kind of divisive politics we see in Washington these days. “When we draw political districts that unfairly disadvantage communities based on race, then we produce districts where candidates have to run to extremes…