Ax-1: why the private mission to the International Space Station is a game changer

If the mission goes well, private company Axiom Space will move on to building a space station.

Labor Board Says Amazon Illegally Threatened Workers in Union-Busting Campaign

In a complaint filed on Thursday, the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) accused Amazon of illegally surveilling, interrogating and threatening unionizing employees at its warehouse in Staten Island, New York. The NLRB found that a company representative had made a racist remark to union organizers, calling them “thugs” who were destined to fail. According to the complaint, security guards repeatedly prohibited organizers from distributing union pamphlets and the company “solicited grievances from employees with an express promise to remedy them if they rejected the Union as their bargaining representative.” To remediate these problems, the NLRB said, the company will have…

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