Let’s Challenge Abortion Stigma This Holiday

Originally published by Prism Heading home for the holidays can bring all the feelings: joy, exhaustion, excitement, overwhelm, stress, and comfort. And even in the best circumstances, worries about which invasive questions you’ll be asked and which topics of political fervor will spur intense conversations are real. The constant need to decide how much energy to exert in a debate can be… Source Source / Read More: Let’s Challenge Abortion Stigma This Holiday

“Dry” Month Campaigns May Reinforce Harmful Stereotypes About Substance Use

Campaigns that challenge people to abstain from alcohol for one month — often in support of a good cause — have emerged across the globe over the past decade. Dry January officially launched in 2013 with a public health campaign by British charity Alcohol Change. Other “month of abstinence” campaigns have included Dry July, Sober September, Sober October and “Dry February” — a few examples of campaigns from Australia, New Zealand, the United States, Canada and beyond. Dry campaigns have gained traction with people increasingly taking a time out from drinking alcohol for one month. Early research suggests alcohol use…

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