Service Workers Across South Launch Union After Decades of Unfair Treatment

Service workers from across the U.S. South signed union cards Saturday at the conclusion of a three-day summit in Columbia, South Carolina, where they agreed to join forces to combat exploitative corporations and the politicians who enable them. The workers — who are employed at fast food restaurants, gas stations, retail stores, and other workplaces — joined the Union of Southern Service Workers (USSW), part of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) and an affiliate of the nationwide economic justice group Fight for $15. “With eyes wide open to the past and immense hope for a better future, we are…

Turkey: “Dark day for online free expression” as new ‘disinformation law’ is passed

Responding to the Turkish parliament passing the so called ‘disinformation law’ which tightens government’s grip over social media platforms and news websites while criminalizing the sharing of information that is deemed false, Güney Yildiz, Regional Researcher at Amnesty International, said: “Today is yet another dark day for online freedom of expression and press freedom in Turkey. […] The post Turkey: “Dark day for online free expression” as new ‘disinformation law’ is passed appeared first on Amnesty International.

Infant Formula Crisis Highlights Breastfeeding Barriers in Southern States

Despite efforts in recent weeks by the federal government to address the ongoing infant formula shortage, parents are still struggling to find formula. The Food and Drug Administration announced this week that nearly two million cans of infant formula from a United Kingdom-based company would arrive in the United States in the coming days. Abbott Laboratories — the Illinois-based company whose alleged unsanitary conditions led to a voluntary recall of baby formula, the deaths of two infants, and the closure of a large formula manufacturing plant in Michigan, sparking the crisis — announced it will release about 300,000 cans of…

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