Sobering Predictions Before The Rise of British Populism

By Rob Woodward: This article was published in February 2019, when Theresa May was Prime Minister, before the pandemic and before Johnson’s populism and subsequent dramatic fall from grace. I just wanted to remind our readers of some things that have happened that people have forgotten because the scandals under Boris Johnson just got ever […] The post Sobering Predictions Before The Rise of British Populism appeared first on TruePublica.

Georgia GOP Plans to Close All But One Polling Station in Lincoln County

An elections board in a rural county in northeastern Georgia is looking to close six of its seven polling stations for next year’s elections, a move that was made possible by a controversial state law passed earlier this year. Residents in Lincoln County, Georgia, are speaking out against the proposal. Originally intended to be voted on last week, the county board of elections lacked a quorum and postponed the vote until a later unspecified time. Some residents have sought to postpone that vote until next month, to allow for public input to be given. At least one official said the…

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