Right-Wing Groups Are Turning Election Denialism Into an Organized Force

Several former Trump advisers and offi­cials who promoted base­less claims of wide­spread vote fraud and worked to over­turn the 2020 elec­tion ahead of Janu­ary 6 are now enmeshed in a new effort to chal­lenge votes, voter eligib­il­ity, and elec­tion results in 2022 and beyond. At the center of this effort is the Conser­vat­ive Part­ner­ship Insti­tute, a right-wing nonprofit funded in part by Trump’s lead­er­ship PAC and home to several key former Trump aides. It is organ­iz­ing a network of groups and indi­vidu­als commit­ted to taking more control of elec­tion admin­is­tra­tion in future contests. The network has published mater­i­als and hosted…

Charity That Backs Trump’s Election Lies Has Ties to the Texas Attorney General

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton is pretty familiar with Catherine Engelbrecht. He’s been a guest on her podcast, chatting about their shared passion: rooting out voter fraud. They both have gone to great lengths to try to support former President Donald Trump’s lie that the 2020 election was stolen. And when Engelbrecht, founder of the nonprofit True the Vote, has found herself in hot water, Paxton’s office has turned out to be a helpful ally. Most recently, a state judge sided with Engelbrecht’s argument that it should be Paxton’s office — not a court — that should probe allegations made…

Sobering Predictions Before The Rise of British Populism

By Rob Woodward: This article was published in February 2019, when Theresa May was Prime Minister, before the pandemic and before Johnson’s populism and subsequent dramatic fall from grace. I just wanted to remind our readers of some things that have happened that people have forgotten because the scandals under Boris Johnson just got ever […] The post Sobering Predictions Before The Rise of British Populism appeared first on TruePublica.

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