Garland Issues Memo Shielding Political Candidates From DOJ Inquiries

A Department of Justice (DOJ) memo approved by Attorney General Merrick Garland extends a policy, which originated under the Trump administration, on how the department can investigate political candidates, potentially giving the former president added protection from federal inquiries as he considers another run for office. The memo, which was first reported on by MSNBC host Rachel Maddow, demands that investigators receive written permission from the attorney general before opening inquiries into individuals running for president or vice president, or into senior members involved in their political campaigns. It also limits what DOJ officials can say or how they can…

World’s protected natural areas too small and isolated to benefit wildlife – new study

Hundreds of threatened mammal species don’t have a single protected area large enough to sustain a viable population.

House Passes Bill to Prevent Future Blatant Corruption in Reaction to Trump

On Thursday, the House passed a bill that will place restrictions on presidential power, aimed at rooting out blatant and continuous corruption like that of former President Donald Trump. The Protecting Our Democracy Act passed 220 to 208 largely on party lines, with one Republican voting for the bill. Many portions of the bill seem to be inspired by Trump, who often exploited loopholes and apparent impunity for him and his family in order to profit from the presidency while obscuring the lengths of his corruption from the public. In what seems to be a direct rebuke to Trump, the…

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