Coronavirus live news: ‘foolish’ for UK to reopen further, says adviser; India has 120,000 new cases

Prof Stephen Reicher says 21 June reopening ‘major risk’; Hawaii sets vaccine target to drop quarantine requirements

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The boss of Airlines UK has complained about a lack of transparency and consistency over the government’s changes to travel rules.

Tim Alderslade, the chief executive of the industry body that represents UK carriers, said ministers had not kept to promises over a “green watchlist” that would have given travellers increased warning about a country potentially coming off the safe list.

It would be a list of countries that were on the cusp or there was a risk that they would be moving from green to amber so passengers were aware of that, it was fully transparent and they would be taking that risk when they booked.

It was entirely to stop what happened last summer when countries were moving up and down off the corridor list on a weekly basis and we saw people stranded overseas and then desperate to come home again because they couldn’t afford to quarantine.

11.56am BST

Everyone aged older than 12 years in specific postcode areas of the English county of Berkshire will be offered PCR testing over the next two weeks from Monday in an effort to tackle the spread of the Delta variant.

Meradin Peachey, the director of public health for Berkshire West, said a “real concern” with this variant is that if it keeps circulating there may be more mutations. She told BBC Breakfast:

What’s happened in the last couple of weeks, especially in the last week, we’ve noticed that a lot of cases now coming through we can’t link to any travellers, which means we now have community transmission.

If the variant spreads and becomes even more, it may mutate again and the big concern is that vaccines won’t work. We really want to get people tested and isolated if they’ve got the virus, stop the spread so that we can make sure the vaccination programme works.

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