Coronavirus live news: global deaths near 1m as India passes 6m cases

Travel between New Zealand and some states of Australia possible before end of the year; first virus death among asylum seekers in Greece

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While the rest of the UK drinks up and goes home at 10pm, MPs will be able to keep going at parliament’s watering holes – and they won’t even have to provide their details at the bar, Esther Webber of the Times reports.

Facilities serving alcohol on the parliamentary estate are understood to be exempt from the earlier closing time on the basis that they fall under the description of “a workplace canteen”.

Bar staff and customers in the Palace of Westminster will not be required to follow stricter rules on face coverings introduced for other licensed premises. Nor will visitors to parliamentary bars be asked to supply a name and number on entry, with all responsibility falling to a team that acts as the point of contact for any suspected or confirmed coronavirus cases among MPs and staff on the estate. MPs do not have to register their presence in parliament and are only advised to stay away if they have symptoms.

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Whateley’s comments came as new fines and restrictions came into force across parts of the UK on Monday.

People in England are now legally required to self-isolate if they test positive for Covid-19 or are contacted by the test and trace service. If they do not, they face fines starting at £1,000 and increasing up to £10,000 for repeat offences or breaches.

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