Coronavirus live news: global deaths near 90,000 as US says isolation measures are working

Boris Johnson still in intensive care; US protective equipment stockpile nearly empty; virus could push 500m people into poverty. Follow the latest updates.

11.14am BST

Here’s a roundup of global coronavirus news over the last few hours. That’s it from me, Amy Walker. I’ll be handing over to my colleague Damien Gayle now.

11.14am BST

Hi there, this is Damien Gayle taking control of the international live blog for the next eight hours or so. I’ll be focusing on Europe, Africa and the Middle East as countries across the region report their latest death tolls and infection figures, any changes in the measures and policies to control the spread of the coronavirus, and the particular issues faced by their peoples.

As usual I will be hoping to hear from readers with any tips, suggestions or news that you think we have overlooked. Please drop me a line at, or via direct message to my Twitter profile, @damiengayle. If you are sending me news to report on the blog it is helpful if you provide a link or two so that I can source it.

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