Coronavirus UK live: Lockdown measures 'to be reviewed this week' as row over PPE continues

Reports suggest some cabinet ministers urging easing of restrictions, as the government faces ongoing questions over protection for medical staff

11.13am BST

A comment piece about the Nightingale hospital in East London published by HuffPost is being widely shared. The article by an anonymous ITU doctor raises concerns about whether the field hospital is fit for purpose.

The doctor says:

Critical care is not a specialty in which we can rapidly upskill people. I do not want to disparage those who’ve already put themselves forward; I admire their dedication to the public.

However, the nature of critical care requires difficult decisions to be made, often backed by years of experience. It is not a matter of watching a few instructional videos or reviewing a cobbled-together management guide as many of my colleagues have been asked to do.

10.30am BST

Actor Christopher Eccleston has said he hopes the NHS will no longer be a “political football” following the coronavirus pandemic.

The ex-Doctor Who star said there should be “no more threats to the NHS”.

I’m hoping now… that the world has changed, the NHS will no longer be a political football for any of the parties and that it is protected because it is the greatest expression of Britain we have.

It’s our nation’s conscience and now it is saving our lives and a lot of people are doing it without protective equipment.

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