Coronavirus UK live: Matt Hancock under fire over PPE comments – live updates

Health secretary accused of suggesting healthcare workers are abusing or overusing protective equipment

11.10am BST

Researchers in China have released a report linking Covid-19 to a range of neurological problems.

The study, reported in the journal JAMA Neurology, looked at 214 patients in hospitals in Wuhan with Covid-19, finding 78 reported neurological symptoms, with 38 showing dizziness, 28 reporting headaches, 12 reporting taste impairment, and 23 having injury to skeletal muscles. Other problems included seizures and conditions involving the supply of blood to the brain.

In a retrospective study of 214 patients with #COVID19, neurological symptoms were seen in 36.4%, and more common in severe cases (45.5%), which included acute cerebrovascular events (5.7%), impaired consciousness (14.8%) and muscle injury (19.3%)

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