Coronavirus UK live news: Government scientists expected to recommend against the public wearing medical face masks

Advice expected to echo that from WHO, which states there is little evidence that wearing masks stops spread of coronavirus

8.01am BST

Morning, welcome to the UK coronavirus liveblog.

Who should wear a face mask to stop the spread of the coronavirus? While opinion among experts around the world is divided, Martin Marshall, chair of the Royal College of General Practitioners, said there is no research to support wearing a mask if you’re fit and well.

There’s no research evidence to support wearing masks if you are basically fit and well, indeed if people wear masks there’s a risk they play around with it, they play with their eyes more and maybe you’re even at a higher risk of picking up an infection.

However it is common sense that if they are coughing and spluttering then it makes complete sense to wear masks in order to protect other people.

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