Coronavirus US live: CDC recommends non-medical face masks in White House briefing

11.19pm BST

Trump is growing increasingly hostile toward reporters in the briefing room. Asked to clarify what the president’s son-in-law Jared Kushner meant when he said the national stockpile was “our stockpile” and not for states, Trump snapped that she “oughtta be ashamed” of herself.

“We need it for the federal government,” he said, of the national emergency stockpile. He’s repeatedly said that states should depend on the federal government for aid unless it’s a “last resort” and has blamed states for a shortage of medical supplies.

11.14pm BST

Context: Oracle and Covid-19 treatments

Trump said, “many providers are trying different experimental treatments.” Health secretary Alex Azar added: “Today, Oracle has developed and donated to the government and the American people a web portal and platform to gather crowdsourced and real-time information from providers about how patients respond to potential therapeutics.”

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