Coronavirus US live – Cuomo says data shows NY past the plateau but no time to relax

  • Governor: ‘It’s no time to get cocky’ as state death toll rises to 13,869
  • Second phase will require do no harm, be smarter, learn the lessons
  • Pelosi calls Trump ‘a poor leader’ and dismisses his attacks
  • Poll: majority of Americans concerned states may reopen too soon
  • House speaker says lawmakers close to a small business deal
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7.58pm BST

Donald Trump has started his afternoon by declaring the US “the king of ventilators”. Several state governors have said they need more help from the federal government with Covid-19 testing in an effort to curb the pandemic. However, the president think he’s on the right course, while implying the onus was on governors rather than the federal government to ramp up testing.

Just like I was right on Ventilators (our Country is now the “King of Ventilators”, other countries are calling asking for help-we will!), I am right on testing. Governors must be able to step up and get the job done. We will be with you ALL THE WAY!

7.40pm BST

The Miami Herald has reported on a problem facing one public hospital: agencies trying to headhunt staff during the Covid-19 pandemic. From the Herald’s report:

Staffing agencies have mounted attempts to poach the public hospital’s most crucial workers, even as the novel coronavirus upends operations and mashes its bottom line, with estimated losses of $25 million per month going forward under the status quo.

Plantada, who helps manage ventilators for critically ill COVID-19 patients, said the offers — as high as $7,000 per week plus room and board — are both aggressive and enticing. But she has no plans for leaving.

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