Coronavirus US live: Trump heads to golf course as death toll nears 100,000

7.44pm BST

Much has been made of armed protesters descending on state capitols in the US, demanding the easing of lockdown restrictions. But there is unrest in Europe too, with protests against the prospect of mass vaccinations against Covid-19 (should one be developed) and the tightening of civil liberties.

The Guardian’s Philip Oltermann has more details:

For the ninth week running, thousands gathered in European cities to vent their anger at social distancing restrictions they believe to be a draconian ploy to suspend basic civil rights and pave the way for “enforced vaccinations” that will do more harm than the Covid-19 virus itself.

Walking towards the focal point of the protests down the Straße des 17. Juni boulevard, one woman said she believed the Covid-19 pandemic to be a hoax thought up by the pharmaceutical industry.

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7.34pm BST

The Trump administration has repeatedly criticized China’s handling of the pandemic and the vice-president, Mike Pence, continued with that line today during an interview with Breitbart News.

“China let the world down and the World Health Organization was their willing partner in withholding from the United States and the wider world vital information about the coronavirus that would have made it possible to stand up a national response sooner,” Pence said. “… Make no mistake about it that China will be held accountable for what the world has gone through because of their lack of transparency.”

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