Coronavirus US live: Trump says he's 'not determined' to open the country in May

11.09pm BST

A black doctor who has been testing homeless people for coronavirus in Miami was handcuffed by a police officer outside his own home, and only released after his wife emerged from the house with identification, he told the Miami Herald.

A black doctor who tests homeless for COVID-19 says police cuffed him outside his Miami home for having no ID. He was released when his wife came out.

10.41pm BST

The Wisconsin state health department is tracking new cases of the coronavirus to determine whether it was spread among voters during Tuesday’s spring election, according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel in this report spotted by my Guardian colleague Kenya Evelyn.

“The state Department of Health Services and local public health officials are “monitoring” the relationship between new cases in the coming weeks and voting in person, agency officials said.

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