Earth, Climate.

The overwhelming consensus amongst scientists is that climate change and global warming is caused by humans; that it’s having a damaging affect on weather patterns, accelerating extinction of wildlife, negatively impacting on agriculture, water supply, sea level, air quality. If we don’t radically change our diets, our fuel supply, the way capitalism recklessly plunders the world’s dwindling resources, we will enter a period of global food shortages, mass migration and conflict.

  • Apples from 'perfect harvest' rot on the ground as demand for cider slumps
    In what should be a vintage year because of ideal growing conditions, farmers are forced to abandon fruit where it falls Coronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageOn a sloping hill just south of Dartmoor, boughs are laden with brightly coloured Devon crimson, pig’s snout, tale sweet and slack-ma-girdle. Gabriel David wanders through his … Read More
  • Why David Attenborough is the doomsayer we still adore | Rebecca Nicholson
    Ever eager to get the message out about climate crisis, the 94-year-old environmentalist joined Instagram last weekDavid Attenborough must be the only person who can appear on national television to tell us that we are all doomed, probably past the point of no return, that species are dying and the climate is boiling over and … Read More
  • UK risks losing contract for new climate research centre because of Brexit
    Proposed centre with up to 250 jobs is linked to EU Copernicus satellite programmeThe UK is at risk of losing the contract for the expansion of a flagship European weather research centre based in Reading because of Brexit.The European Centre for Medium Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF) has been based in Berkshire for the last 45 … Read More
  • Death at Hells Gates: rescuers witness tragic end for hundreds of pilot whales on Australian coast
    Desperate stories emerge from the battle to save pilot whales and their calves in Macquarie Harbour on Tasmania’s west coastIngrid Albion has been helping to save whales and dolphins for three decades, but has never seen anything on a scale like this before. Nobody in Australia has.Within the rugged beauty of Macquarie Harbour, a wild … Read More
  • Blasts from the past: how ice age ponds are coming back to life
    Once watering holes for mammoth and elk, Herefordshire’s neglected ancient ponds are being restored Ecologist Will Watson is hunting for Britain’s largest blood-sucking leech in a 14,000-year-old pond in Herefordshire. The elusive medicinal leech (Hirudo medicinalis), grows up to 20cm long and has only officially been recorded three times in the county in the past … Read More
  • Young people resume global climate strikes calling for urgent action
    Greta Thunberg leads protests as Covid rules restrict numbers compared with last year School pupils, youth activists and communities around the world have turned out for a day of climate strikes, intended to underscore the urgency of the climate crisis even in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.Social distancing and other Covid-19 control measures dampened … Read More
  • 'Sliding towards extinction': koala may be given endangered listing as numbers plummet
    The species is among 28 animals being assessed for potential upgrade of their threat status, federal government says The koala is being considered for official listing as endangered after the summer’s bushfire disaster and ongoing habitat destruction on the east coast forced the government to reconsider its threat status.The iconic species, which is currently listed … Read More
  • How clean are England's rivers? The latest report makes for uncomfortable reading | Rachel Salvidge
    If you’ve been wild swimming this summer it’s worrying to discover that all water bodies are polluted beyond legal limitsEngland, 2020. Every single river and lake is polluted beyond legal limits. Not one is free from toxic chemicals from industries past and present. Water companies disgorge untold volumes of raw human sewage into them, while … Read More
  • 'Money is worth nothing now': how Lebanon is finding a future in farming
    With food in short supply and prices rocketing, a wave of new farmers are growing produce on roofs, balconies and beyondAll photographs by Jenny GustafssonOn the side of the Baanoub valley in southern Lebanon, half an hour’s drive from the coast, Yasmina Zahar stands surrounded by olive trees with thick, sturdy trunks. Planted in Roman … Read More
  • Country diary: tufts of grass hide tiny breeding chambers
    Hawkerland, east Devon: We search the tussocks for the intricately woven nests that let us gauge harvest mice numbersI’ll never look at a tussock of grass in the same way again. Hidden within this one was a ball of woven fronds that once cradled life like a beating heart at the centre of the dense … Read More
  • Tragedy in Tasmania: what are pilot whales, and why do they strand themselves?
    Pilot whales – actually large dolphins – are vulnerable because of their close bonds and way of communicatingAbout 380 pilot whales have died in Tasmania in one of the biggest mass strandings of the marine mammals on record.Rescuers saved at least 70 of about 470 animals that got stuck on sandbanks and beaches mostly inside … Read More
  • Pollutionwatch: red sky spells warning when the cause is fire and wood burning
    Smoke absorbs purple and blue light, raising alert for air pollution and climate emergencyRed sky at dawn and dusk is part of weather lore and apparently a cause for delight or warning among shepherds and sailors. But, as huge areas of forest burn, the crimson colour of skies over the western US is a red … Read More
  • Chad halts lake's world heritage status request over oil exploration
    Exclusive: African state says it has agreements with oil companies in Lake Chad areaChad has asked to suspend an application for world heritage site status for Lake Chad to explore oil and mining opportunities in the region, it can be revealed.In a letter leaked to the Guardian, Chad’s tourism and culture minister wrote to Unesco, … Read More
  • Crisps, chocolate and cheese worst offenders for recycling, report says
    Which? singles out big brands for lack of environmentally conscious packagingCrisps, chocolate and cheese are among the worst foods for packaging recyclability, with big brands such as Pringles, KitKat and Babybel singled out for failing to do more to help the environment, a new investigation has claimed.The consumer group Which? analysed 89 of the UK’s … Read More
  • It's time to get serious about food waste in fight against global heating | Dave Lewis
    It is responsible for 8% of emissions, yet food waste is not mentioned in any country’s Paris climate action planTesco boss calls on firms and countries to tackle food wasteAs a society, we are converting more and more land to food production, with massive consequences for wildlife, water and forests. Yet one third of all … Read More
  • Scientists take temperatures of butterflies to uncover climate threat
    Study finds some species are less able to control their body heat and are more vulnerableCatching nearly 4,000 wild butterflies with handheld nets and taking the temperature of each tiny insect must rank among the more arduous of scientific endeavours.However, researchers have discovered significant differences in the ability of British butterflies to maintain a suitable … Read More
  • Seventy whales stranded in Tasmania released, but only 20 remain well enough for rescue
    At least 380 whales are dead in one of the largest mass strandings on record globally and the biggest in Australia’s historyWhale rescuers at one of the world’s largest stranding events on Tasmania’s west coast have now released 88 of the 470 marine mammals into the ocean, with about 20 of those remaining now well … Read More
  • Climate crisis must not be overshadowed by Covid, Johnson to tell UN
    UK to host online event marking fifth anniversary of Paris climate agreement this DecemberThe world cannot allow the climate emergency to be overshadowed by the coronavirus pandemic, the UK prime minister Boris Johnson will warn, but must “build back better” after the crisis by cutting greenhouse gas emissions as a matter of urgency.Johnson will announce … Read More
  • Scientists develop 'tiny wind turbine' to scavenge energy from gentle breeze – video report
    Scientists have developed a ‘tiny wind turbine’ that can take energy from a gentle breeze, such as that made as you walk.The device comprises two plastic strips in a tube that flutter or clap together in the presence of airflow. That energy, powered by the contact and separation of two materials, can be bottled up … Read More
  • Brazil meat giant JBS pledges to axe suppliers linked to deforestation
    Campaigners welcome turnaround after pressure from investors but say 2025 deadline too long to resolve problemsBrazilian meat giant JBS said on Wednesday that it will monitor its entire supply chain by 2025, including problematic “indirect supplier” Amazon farms it currently has no control over, some of which have been linked to illegal deforestation.“As a company … Read More
  • Few countries living up to Covid 'green recovery' pledges – analysis
    US planning $3tn in spending with few environmental safeguards attachedCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageFew countries are living up to their promises of a “green recovery” from the coronavirus crisis, with hundreds of billions of dollars likely to be spent on economic rescue packages that increase greenhouse gas emissions, research has found.The US … Read More
  • Rescuers work to save whales in worst mass stranding in Australia's history – video report
    Hundreds of whales have died in what is suspected to be Australia’s largest mass stranding on record.More than 450 long-finned pilot whales were caught on sandbanks and beaches on the Australian island state of Tasmania.Rescuers have managed to save about 50 whales so far, with efforts to save any whales that are still alive ongoing380 … Read More
  • Why were Indigenous crews in Canada shot at with flares for fishing?
    Commercial fishermen – who say they fear overfishing of lobster – have been accused of vandalism and harassmentThe mood was joyous among a group of Indigenous fishermen as they hurled lobster traps into the choppy waters of the Atlantic. Moments earlier, they had left a small harbour in eastern Canada, with nearly 200 supporters cheering … Read More
  • New all-time coldest northern hemisphere temperature discovered
    Reading of -69.C in 1991 from Greenland is nearly 2C colder than previous known recordsThe coldest temperature ever recorded in the northern hemisphere just got colder, thanks to the work of climate detectives at the World Meteorological Organization.Searching through the WMO archives of heat records from weather stations at the top of the world, researchers … Read More