Everything but the gull: how Ben Watt fought the Covid blues with birdsong

Blackcap! Chiffchaff! Warbler! The Everything But the Girl star is fighting to save a nature reserve in the heart of the city. As his new album Storm Shelter is released, we join him for some birdwatching Cetti’s warbler!” says Ben Watt suddenly, raising a finger to indicate the new addition to the ambient soundscape. Listen, he says, to the opening “chi” followed by what sounds “almost like a little typewriter going off”. Watts does that, interrupts himself, or the silence if he’s not talking, to announce a new bird he’s seen or heard. “Blackcap!” he’ll exclaim. “Chiffchaff!”We’re sitting in a… Source – Full Article https://www.theguardian.com/music/2021/may/10/ben-watt-birdsong-everything-but-the-girl-covid-storm-shelter

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