Extinction Rebellion

  • Intergalactic memorial carnival for David Graeber
    Sunday 11 October 2020 – everywhere During the recent rebellion we lost an inspirational ally, David Graeber – a man without whom many of us might not be part of XR. You might know him from his books – Debt: The First 5,000 Years, or Bullshit Jobs – or from … Read More
  • Statement on Zion Lights, Michael Shellenberger and the Breakthrough Institute
    Email: press@risingup.org.ukPhone: 07561 098449 / 07986 671716 / 07918 165046Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Media Assets | Donate#WeWantToLive #ExtinctionRebellion #ActNow  There have been a number of stories in the press in the last few weeks with criticisms about Extinction Rebellion by Zion Lights, UK director of the pro-nuclear lobby … Read More
  • This phase is over – but the Rebellion doesn’t stop here!
    With the sun setting on Thursday evening, marchers arriving at Parliament Square were welcomed by a sight for sore eyes. The return of the Pink Boat. Parked right outside Parliament, as a final defiant message to power. It was the perfect way to end weeks where actions around the country … Read More
  • Statement on Printworks Action from participating rebels
    The mainstream media has failed to report on the reasons for this protest, ignoring previous press releases. So we’re putting our reasons here. Plainly and simply. This was not an attack on the readership of any publications nor the workers who produce and deliver them, though the mass media will … Read More
  • Never mind Extinction Rebellion, let's consider Boris Johnson's charge sheet | Stewart Lee
    Blockading newspapers may cross a line for some, but is the PM a bigger criminal? My old university friend, the American geographer William Dyer, accepted my Skype call at a research station on the pebble shores of the Antarctic Sound. Once, it would have been too remote to receive messages … Read More
  • Politicians, QCs, economists, writers, artists, actors, musicians, comedians, business owners and even an Olympic Gold medalist condemn Government failure and pledge support for Extinction Rebellion.
    Email: press@risingup.org.ukPhone: 07561 098449 / 07986 671716Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Media Assets | Donate#WeWantToLive #ExtinctionRebellion #ActNow More than one hundred cultural and political leaders have signed a letter condemning multiple Government failures and pledging support for the aims and successes of Extinction Rebellion.  Signatories include:  Baroness Helena Kennedy QC, Dr Rowan Williams, Sir Mark Rylance, Sir Anthony … Read More
  • A letter in support of Extinction Rebellion
    The Government is failing us on every count.  Deaths from Covid 19; a recovery plan that allocates billions of taxpayer’s money to the fossil fuel economy; climate and ecological devastation that has destabilised our planet; refugees used by politicians and media to stir up fear and hatred; Public Health England … Read More
  • UK move to classify Extinction Rebellion 'organised crime group' comes under fire
    Letter signed by 150 public figures hits back at move to scapegoat protestersStephen Fry, Mark Rylance and a former Archbishop of Canterbury are among 150 public figures to hit back at government moves to classify the climate protesters of Extinction Rebellion as an “organised crime group”. In a letter to … Read More
  • Rebel Daily 7: Rebellion wraps up
    (Sign up for the newsletter here) Dear rebels, Welcome to Rebel Daily #7 – the last issue of this Rebellion! And what a Rebellion it has been. Rebels have shown their true colours this Rebellion: the astounding bravery and dedication we’ve seen on the streets and online are testament to … Read More
  • Extinction Rebellion: how successful were the latest protests?
    Numbers demonstrating on the streets have been smaller but the actions much more targeted A few minutes before Boris Johnson’s convoy swept past on his way to prime minister’s questions this week, around a dozen people stepped off the pavement and into the middle of the busy junction outside parliament.As … Read More
  • According to YouGov poll, UK public think we do not have a free press
    Email: press@risingup.org.ukPhone: 07561 098449 / 07986 671716 / 07918 165046Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Media Assets | Donate#WeWantToLive #ExtinctionRebellion #ActNow  We always knew parts of the media liked to play dirty, but wow! This has been quite a week.  Extinction Rebellion has been accused of an “assault on the … Read More
  • Can’t Bare the Truth? Extinction Rebellion call on Government to communicate the risks of a 4°C world
    30 women have locked on to Parliament railings with body paint bearing the consequences of a 4°C world on their chests. Extinction Rebellion are calling on the Government to communicate the risk of a 4°C world, which we are on course for by 2100 if we don’t take action now. … Read More
  • Extinction Rebellion support Climate Assembly UK’s call for society to be better informed about the Climate and Ecological Crisis
    Extinction Rebellion agree with CA UK that everyone – the government and press included – needs more education on the climate and ecological crisis and the steps needed to tackle it. This comes as a YouGov Poll commissioned by Extinction Rebellion found that less than half of all adults in … Read More
  • Rebel Daily 6: Climate CSI
    (Sign up for the newsletter here) Hello rebels, Welcome to Rebel Daily #6! We hope you enjoyed catching up on the rest of the world’s action yesterday – today we’re back with the UK Rebellion. Tomorrow will be the last day of this wave of Rebellion, so if you’re dithering … Read More
  • Rolling Rebellion. Global Newsletter 43
    (Sign up to the newsletter here) Dear rebels, A global wave of (rock and) rolling rebellions is upon us. With immense courage, cunning and care, rebels are returning to the streets in a dozen countries all across the globe. As we all know, it’s been a strange and tough few … Read More
  • “Spine-chilling” and “Stalinist” – Baroness, MPs and former counter-terrorism policeman speak out against reclassifying Extinction Rebellion as serious organised crime
    Since Extinction Rebellion closed roads around Broxbourne and Knowsley printing press on Friday night, the mainstream media, commentators and politicians have been calling for far-reaching powers to limit the right to protest. Friday’s action was designed to highlight the relationship between powerful vested interests that own our media, the fossil … Read More
  • Rebel Daily 5: We will not be intimidated
    (Sign up to the newsletter here) Welcome to Rebel Daily #5 – and what an eventful weekend it was! Ugly words from our prime minister provided a sharp contrast with our beautiful earth-defending actions. Ever since we crossed the Murdoch media (for a single night!), the government has taken its … Read More
  • Keep speaking truth to power – here comes week 2
    We are at a crucial moment in our rebellion. We’ve sent a shockwave through the right wing media and now Priti Patel, Boris Johnson and the rest of the mainstream media are closing ranks. We’re getting to them.  They’re now scrabbling around for stories about divisions in our movement. They’re … Read More
  • Extinction Rebellion calls move to class it as organised crime group 'ridiculous'
    Climate group criticises move by UK government as Labour condemns newspaper protestExtinction Rebellion has described government moves to treat the climate crisis protest movement as an organised crime group as “ridiculous”.The group said associating it with the state’s definition of a crime gang as “characterised by violence or the threat … Read More
  • Organised crime? Take a look at the man who has a monopoly on British media and the ear of our politicians
    Email: press@risingup.org.ukPhone: 07561 098449 / 07986 671716 / 07918 165046Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Media Assets | Donate#WeWantToLive #ExtinctionRebellion #ActNow Civil disobedience is often celebrated in hindsight but it is rarely popular with the establishment in the moment. The Prime Minister’s suggestion that Extinction Rebellion should be reclassified as a ‘organised crime group’ is ridiculous.  According to the … Read More
  • Rebel Daily 4: Don’t read the news, be the news
    (Sign up to the newsletter here) Dear rebels, Welcome to Rebel Daily #4 – some of the only news available today! A team of over 100 rebels blockaded newspaper printers overnight, successfully preventing The Sun, Daily Telegraph, Daily Mail and Times from reaching newsstands all over the country. In one … Read More
  • Boris Johnson accuses Extinction Rebellion of trying to limit public access to news
    National papers missing from some newsagents after protesters blockading Murdoch-owned print sitesThe prime minister, Boris Johnson, has accused Extinction Rebellion of seeking “to limit the public’s access to news” after the group blockaded two UK printworks, delaying the distribution of major national newspapers.The activists, who staged the action to highlight … Read More
  • UPDATE: We do not have a free press
    Email: press@risingup.org.ukPhone: 07561 098449 / 07986 671716 / 07918 165046Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Media Assets | Donate#WeWantToLive #ExtinctionRebellion #ActNow At 11am, the time they planned to end their blockade, the small group of protesters left blocking Broxbourne Printworks this morning have come down from the trucks and bamboo scaffolds and have been arrested. 48 people in total … Read More
  • Quarter of English Football Stadiums ‘Unplayable’ by 2050 due to Climate Change
    Email: press@risingup.org.ukPhone: +44 7901 916489Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Media Assets | Donate#WeWantToLive #ExtinctionRebellion #ActNow Extinction Rebellion Organise Football Matches to Highlight Relationship Between Our National Sport and the Climate Crisis. Location: Central London. Time:  13:00 Piccadilly Circus, 14:00 Dept for Culture Media and Sports, 15:00 Location TBC Commencing with a 1pm kick-off this Saturday, football fans and … Read More