Five ways UK government could have avoided 100,000 Covid deaths

Extract from the Guardian article: Here are five ways the government could have avoided 100,000 Covid deaths by Devi Sridhar. Link to article below.

First, the UK had no border policies in place for months. When introduced, these were lax and unmonitored.
 the government made the fatal decision to stop community testing, abandoning its line of sight over who had the virus and where it was spreading.
 It delayed the first lockdown. Though numbers were already running out of control, the cabinet appeared to think that delaying restrictions would make them less painful, for fear that “behavioural fatigue” would set in. Yet the opposite is true. 
There was a lack of appropriate personal protective equipment for many health and social workers who struggled during the first national lockdown in the spring. Many were exposed to Covid-19 on wards, and none had access to testing.
Rather than leading from the front, the government seems to only follow public opinion and polling. We spent months debating whether face coverings matter before adopting them and weeks debating whether Covid-19 is indeed serious or just a bad flu. We were encouraged to stay at home, then encouraged to “eat out to help out” in crowded restaurants. We sacrificed seeing our families and were fined for breaking lockdown rules but never heard Dominic Cummings apologise for flaunting the lockdown. The result has been a complete breakdown of trust in the UK government.

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