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The coronavirus pandemic is disrupting everyday life around the world and endangering everyone. It is essential that people stay up-to-date on vital information during this continuing crisis. To that end, we are providing free access to our entire June Issue, including a Special Report on the Coronavirus Pandemic. Normally, a subscription is required to access the latest issue of Scientific American. We understand that this extraordinary moment makes it necessary for our reporting to be available to everyone.

A subscription to Scientific American makes it possible for our journalists to bring you the latest updates, analysis and insights on the global pandemic and other important news. Support our mission. Save 25% on a digital subscription.

We hope you take this opportunity to read our COVID-19 coverage in this Special Report. Some of the stories you’ll find:

• How China’s ‘bat woman’ hunted down viruses from SARS to the new coronavirus

• Three ways to make coronavirus drugs in a hurry

• Virus mutations reveal how COVID-19 really spread

• How the COVID-19 pandemic could end

Also featured in this issue: interviews with health care workers from across the country who reflect on coping with the coronavirus. Hear their stories.

Wishing you good health,
Laura Helmuth, Editor-in-Chief