FTSE 100 suffers £51bn plunge as Covid-19 lockdown fears hit markets – business live

Prospect of new restrictions to combat rising Covid-19 cases has triggered the worst selloff since June

7.54pm BST

Here’s a reminder of today’s main events, from our economics editor Larry Elliott:

Shares in London have had their worst losses in more than three months amid fears that a second wave of coronavirus cases will force the government into harsh lockdown measures that will damage the economy.

The FTSE 100 – the leading benchmark of the UK stock market – closed more than 200 points down at 5,804 points on a day of sharp falls in equities in both Europe and North America.

Larry Kudlow, Donald Trump’s economic adviser, expressed the views of many jittery investors when he said there was a worry that the UK and other parts of Europe may shut down again because of the virus.

Neil MacKinnon, global macro strategist at VTB Capital, said: “Many economic commentators think that another lockdown would be disastrous for the major economies and undermine the nascent economic recovery which has been in place in the last few months.

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7.53pm BST

White House adviser Larry Kudlow has suggested to reporters in Washington today that the selloff is partly due to fears the UK might ‘shut down’.

Responding to a question on stock market concerns, Kudlow said (via Reuters):

“I do think however there’s some worries that Britain might shut down. It’s coming out of London, I can’t verify, it’s not my job, but I read the reports like everybody else and I think that’s a great concern.”

“The USA is in much better position, thankfully. We’ve regained control of the virus, both the cases and the fatalities. But I think people are worried about Britain and maybe the rest of Europe as well.”

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