Hares, cranes, bitterns: small triumphs in the battle to rewild Britain’s landscape

A Lincolnshire project is restoring native flora and fauna to the area and it’s just the start of a UK-wide environmental driveA small patch of Bourne North Fen in Lincolnshire provides an intriguing contrast to the vast stretches of wheat and rapeseed that surround it. Untended for years, this little piece of land is now covered with grass and reeds surrounding a wood of willow and alder.Last week, between downpours, this tiny six-hectare plot bristled with wildlife: a cuckoo called insistently; the occasional booming sound of the bittern – one of Britain’s rarest birds – could be heard; a hare… Source – Full Article https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2021/may/23/hares-cranes-bitterns-small-triumphs-in-the-battle-to-rewild-britains-landscape

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