How do we stop an unemployment pandemic? | Ewan McGaughey

As they try to emerge from the coronavirus crisis, the UK and US can learn from countries with more democratic workplaces

As we struggle to stop Covid-19, we’re being hit with a fresh pandemic of unemployment. More than 1.8 million people had claimed universal credit in the UK by early May, probably taking us to over 10% unemployment. It’s now obvious that the UK government’s coronavirus job retention scheme (CJRS), which subsidises 80% of people’s wages but did not put the necessary duties on employers to prevent them from firing employees, is failing in the one thing it’s meant to do: retain jobs.

Job numbers haven’t collapsed in other countries such as Denmark or Germany because they have security and democracy at work, not just wage subsidies. Unemployment in Denmark has risen to just 4.2%. Unemployment in Germany has risen to 5.8%. It might get worse, but it’s a fraction of the UK’s problem.

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